Investment philosophy
The following is the cornerstone of Apex Alliance philosophy:
Apex Alliance investments deliver alpha and asymmetric return profiles due to their high degrees of freedom, the investment skill of their experienced professionals and a high alignment of interest. Professionally managed investments are capable of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Rigorous institutional processes, a strong risk management culture and the experience, skills and judgment of investment professionals allow us to identify investment talent and take prudent risks.
Apex Alliance adds value to its clients by:
• Identifying and providing access to profitable strategies and managers
• Active asset allocation, intelligent portfolio construction and effective portfolio management
• Adherence to strict risk management, relative to all investment and operational aspects

Risk management
Apex Alliance views risk management not as a separate discipline but as part of its culture, which is reflected in the various steps of our investment process.
Apex Alliance’ philosophy is to mitigate the risks through a structured risk management framework, an extensive due diligence process and thorough monitoring after investment.
The core beliefs of Apex Alliance’ risk management philosophy are:
• Risk management identifies the key risks of the fund of hedge funds business along the value chain and allocates responsibility for each risk
• Checks and balances are the cornerstone of risk management and are applied through veto rights
• Risk control acts as a second line of defense, working closely with the risk taking units, while remaining independent from the investment side
• Operational due diligence forms an integral part of both fund approval and fund monitoring

Program offering
Apex Alliance offers investors a diversified and innovative product range ideally tailored to meet their individual investment needs.
• Multi-strategy programs - flagship programs globally diversified across all investment styles
• Style-specific programs - programs designed to concentrate and offer exposure on a particular theme or geography, such as – Trading (Managed Futures/Global Macro), Credit/Arbitrage and Long/Short Equity
• Theme-based programs - programs designed to offer exposure on a particular theme, such as Corporate Activity, Emerging Markets and Natural Resources
• Tailor-made programs - individual mandates tailored to the exact specifications of the client, taking into account risk, return and correlation targets, liquidity, transparency and concentration

Private equity as an asset class
Private equity offers investors the opportunity to generate attractive returns compared with other asset classes, while improving portfolio diversification.
Private equity differs considerably from public equity, typically generating substantially higher returns for investors. Some of the key drivers of private equity's success are:
• The long term nature of private equity investments: allows investors enough time to implement and effect fundamental and lasting change initiatives
• Incentive structures: company executives as well as private equity managers are strongly incentivized to achieve attractive returns for their investors
• Corporate governance:  private equity managers are empowered to create their own conditions for success through active ownership and rapid decision making
• Privately available information: allows private equity investors to base investment decisions on a greater depth of information
• While the ability of private equity to generate higher absolute returns is one of its main attractions, the introduction of private equity to a balanced portfolio can also enhance the risk and volatility characteristics of a portfolio.

Wealth Management
Wealth serves ultra-high net worth and family office clients by providing holistic international wealth solutions, using best of breed products, wealth management, investment management, risk management and structured lending..

Purpose and Values 
Our culture emphasizes teamwork and a collaborative approach. As a meritocracy, we recognize and reward talent and innovation, rather than position and tenure, while encouraging our people to learn and grow.
We apply intellectual rigor to our strategy and day-to-day management, questioning each decision on the basis of its value to our people, clients and shareholders.

Client Offering 
Apex Alliance is a leading holistic wealth management solution provider. The firm provides access to an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and range of products, each designed to cater for every aspect of wealth management. By placing clients at the center of everything, the firm holds complete belief in shared success.
With holistic solutions and best-in-class products, the firm strives to be the trusted advisor and solutions provider to ultra-high net worth clients - being those who have existing wealth and seek gifted advice across their entire balance sheet.
With a sophisticated, integrated wealth management proposition, Apex Alliance remains committed to the creation and preservation of wealth, underscored by a durable, advice-led philosophy and bespoke client solutions.
Apex Alliance' clients and stakeholders can expect to partner with an organization redefining the wealth management space.

Investment Philosophy 
No two minds are the same - a fact that underpins Apex Alliance’ investment philosophy, where bespoke services reflect the financial personality of every client. Given the imperative for the delivery of peerless performance, no less critical is the clients’ emotional comfort along the investment journey.
True wealth extends beyond mere money, and Apex Alliance’ Investment Philosophy embraces both the scientific elements of investment decision making and emotional comfort.

Financial Personality Assessment 
To invest is to embark on a journey – the first step of which is our bespoke research-based assessment of your ‘Financial Personality’. Investors naturally differ in how comfortable they are with decision making, complex products and investment strategy. Hence there is a need to develop an intricate understanding of each client.
The process is a quantitative one that calls upon both your rational and emotional reactions towards investing, allowing a complete map of the characteristics forming your Financial Personality and investor profile.
Regardless of the environment, our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the investment journey.

Strategic Asset Allocation
Sound asset allocation is a product of intelligent investment – long term returns with lower risk, or higher than expected returns for the associate risk. Diversified Asset Allocation accounts for around 90% of a portfolio’s long term returns, making it the single greatest source of returns over the long run.
Apex Alliance forges a singular path in measuring market capitalization and the intimate characteristics of alternative asset classes. This enables it to determine the optimal size of each allocation within your diversified portfolio.

Asset Class Characteristics:
• Offshore Equity: Achieve higher risk adjusted returns with unique views on other asset classes and global outlooks
• Local Property: Find potential compensation for illiquidity in the form of high risk-adjusted returns
• Local Cash: Insulate your portfolio against short-term losses – suited to low risk tolerant investors
• Local Equity: Historically, you will find higher risk-adjusted returns than bonds over long spells of time
• Local Bonds: Lower risk and higher yields than cash, as well as protection against deflation

Acquire Wealth 
Helping you grow your wealth is an important part of what we do.
There are many different ways to grow your wealth. Our skill is in helping you to understand your choices, and then helping you to make the investment decisions that are right for you. That depends on your life priorities, your goals and your attitude to risk.
Your wealth may come from business or inheritance; it may be in many different countries and in diverse assets.
We can be as involved as you like. If you want guidance, you can work with one of our expert investment managers to tailor your portfolio. That could be as simple as ensuring you get the best rates for short-term cash management, or a more complex undertaking to create an investment portfolio to grow your wealth for the long-term.
If you prefer to trade and invest independently, we can provide expert market information, research and a comprehensive range of investment products through our award-winning brokerage and execution-only services.
It’s your life. Let us help you grow your wealth so you can live it according to your priorities.

Pass on Wealth 
Your wealth can have a massive impact beyond your lifetime. With foresight, you can ensure that impact is as positive as possible. We can help you prepare for tomorrow.
Everyone has a different idea of how they want to pass on their wealth. You might want it to pass directly to family members. You might want to leave a philanthropic legacy. You may wish to reduce the effect of capital gains tax and estate duty on your estate and consider the use of family trusts or charitable foundations. Or your wealth might encompass businesses, property and investments in countries that require specialist considerations.
Apex Alliance has worked with tens of thousands of clients and each one has been different. But one thing does come through again and again – the importance of planning your legacy early.
We can help you with the many aspects of inheritance planning, from helping you to make your will to acting as your executor and trustee. We have considerable expertise across the group and an extensive network of national and international contacts to help you find advice on wills, trusts, and other tax efficient ways to ensure your wealth is best structured for your beneficiaries.
It's your legacy. Let us help you ensure it reflects your priorities.

Protect Wealth 
We can help you prepare for a changing future by protecting your wealth now.
Any number of changing circumstances can cause your wealth to diminish, some inevitable and some unpredictable. New taxes and legislation, volatile markets, inflation, changes in your personal life, everyday risks such as fire and theft... One thing is certain – you need to plan to protect your wealth.
We can work with you to help structure your wealth in a way that minimizes the impact of changes. We can help you diversify your assets to spread risk, or discuss trusts that could protect your wealth locally and abroad. We may be able to introduce you to tax experts to help you minimize your current and future tax liabilities.
We will also try to help you find a balance of protection and flexibility. Protecting your wealth needs to be done in a way that doesn’t cause its own problems such as barring you from access to your capital for fixed periods when you may need access to it.
It’s your life. A plan to protect your wealth will help ensure you to live it according to your priorities.

Use and Enjoy Wealth 
Wealth creates possibilities. We can help you use your wealth to get what you want from your life.
Everyone enjoys using their wealth in different ways. For you, it might be the joy of travel, helping others through philanthropy, sharing your success with family and friends or your passion for collecting. It might be the simple freedom to do what you want, when you want.
Whatever your priorities, we can help you use your wealth by ensuring it’s working for you now and is structured to be flexible for the future.
That might mean unlocking the value of your wealth by borrowing against assets you want to keep, even with specialized lending for items such as yachts and planes. It might mean helping you manage your wealth alongside your international lifestyle - with day to day banking, international mortgages or property services.